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Travel company Plot

The travel agency “PLOT” has been successfully engaged at the tourist market since 1993 and offers excursion, adventure and expeditionary journeys in Altai. We organize educational ethnographic tours to the most beautiful places in Altai, hiking and horse-riding tours, rafting, jeep tours, programs for climbers, mountain skiing and snowboarding. Tourists from more than 35 countries have visited our routes. Among them, there are representatives of world-renowned companies – Vice-President of Shell, Top Managers of Siemens, DHL, Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan, travelers from the USA – leaders of the world rating according to Mosttraveledpeople and many others.

The travel agency “PLOT” is included in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators under No. RTO 004451.

Scope of activities: international and domestic tourism. Financial support – 500,000 rubles. Contract No. D-62208040-5.0-2-000012-20 dd. 24.01.2020, valid from 01.06.2020 through 31.05.2021.

The travel agency “PLOT” is a member of the Altai Region Tourism Association since 1996.

A special feature of our routes is small groups composed of 6 to 15 people. Individual wishes and deadlines are not a problem. We can organize a tour for every taste. Our guides are absolute experts in Altai and mountain adventures who always take care of creating safe and comfortable conditions on the route. In a word, tourists of any age and skill level will find what they need in our company.

The company also has wide experience in the international tourism. We have been successfully sending tourists on vacation to many countries of the world for more than 25 years.

Our employees participated in promotional tours in the following countries: Turkey (all resorts), Bulgaria, Tunisia, Thailand, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, China (Hainan Island, Beijing), Slovakia, Indonesia (Bali Island), Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Egypt, Mariana Islands, Mexico and South Korea.

Our awards

Our team

Смирнов Александр Борисович


(3852) 35-40-32

Горные лыжи (Европа, Россия), индивидуальные, VIP туры.

Ефременко Яна

исполнительный директор

+7(3852) 35-40-32

Все зарубежные направления, визы, пляжный отдых в России

Савельева Татьяна Ивановна

главный бухгалтер

(3852) 35-40-32

Чудов Константин

ведущий специалист по активному отдыху

+7(3852) 35-40-32

Активные и экскурсионные туры в Горном Алтае, организация трансферов, турбазы Горного Алтая, Белокуриха, Байкал, Горная Шория.

Важенцев Владимир Михайлович


Смирнов Евгений Романович


Шмаков Артем Алексеевич


Яговец Виталий Сергеевич


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