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Meeting with Altai

A magnificent sightseeing auto-tour that allows you to see most of the iconic historical places of Altai and its natural diversity. You will have the opportunity to: go by boat along the waters of the pearl of Altai Mountains – Lake Teletskoye; drive along one of the most beautiful roads in the world – the legendary Chuysky tract; admire the wonderful views of the mountains from a height of over 2000m; rafting along a safe section of the Katun River; see a unique geyser lake and magnificent panoramas of mountains over 4000 meters high and much more. The journey takes place on a comfortable bus with a qualified tour guide.

«Golden Ring of Altai» active version

It is the Great round tour letting you see the most of indicative historical places of Altai and its nature diversity. You will have an opportunity to touch the mystery of “Denisov Cave”. The traces of prehistoric human life activity dated back to 300 thousand years ago were found here. You will be able to see the mummy of “The Altai Princess” found on the plateau Ukok. You will have an opportunity to go by boat around the Teletskoye Lake water area; to visit Karakol Valley, where hundreds of archeological monuments are situated.

May Tour for Spring Flowering of Rhododendron ledebourii

Открытие летнего туристического сезона на Алтае совпадает с майскими праздниками, когда склоны гор по всему Алтаю становятся сказочно фиолетово – розовыми, так цветет маральник. Приглашаем Вас встретить это прекрасное время с семьей, с друзьями и близкими людьми – на Алтае, в окружении рек и гор. Во время тура у вас будет возможность проехать по одной из самых красивых дорог мира – легендарному Чуйскому тракту; полюбоваться замечательными видами гор и цветущим на их склонах маральником; увидеть сотни накальных рисунков и уникальное гейзерное озеро.

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