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Зимние туры

The winter tale of Altai

If you want to fully experience and learn the spirit of Siberia, then come to us in winter. You will feel the power, see the harsh beauty and grandeur of nature, breathe deeply in the cedar taiga air, taste real Siberian food, swim in an ice hole while soaring in a Russian bath, ride a husky dog harness and much, much more. Believe me, Altai is beautiful at any time of the year!

The charm of winter Altai

Excursion around the central and historical parts of Barnaul. After that we moving to the heart of the Gornyi Altai- the Teletskoye lake. The lake occupies the fifth place in Russia among the deepest (325 m) lakes of our country. The length of the lake is 78 km, maximum width up to 5 km, and its Area is relatively small – 223 km2, but thanks to a great depth in it contains a huge amount (40 km3) excellent fresh water, oxygen-rich, transparent to a depth of 12-15 meters.

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